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Stoep Talk June

Winter is a very special time of year in this part of the world – not only are our hills covered with carpets of colourful fynbos flowers, but our very beautiful Walker Bay becomes a vast playground for hundreds of Southern Right Whales (the above photo was captured by African Wings just recently). Every year, around June, these magnificent creatures start to arrive, one by one, and very soon newborn calves will be frolicking, and proud parent whales will be breaching. As we head into whale season things will start to get very busy around here, so plan your escape from the city now and spend a weekend with us enjoying all we have on offer.

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Stoep Talk May

After the first big rains of autumn, the winter flowers appear all over Stanford. It is a magical time of year where seemingly overnight the landscape changes colour. Not only are the streets lined with crimson, gold and orange as the leaves carpet the ground, but the hills themselves turn a beautiful pink as the Erica irregularis comes to bloom. This time of year is always a big surprise as the beautiful winter flowers burst forth all over, reminding us that winter is also a beautiful season!

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Spread your wings and get involved with the Butterfly Centre

A therapy centre for children with special needs will soon be a reality in Stanford.

Premises will be available for The Butterfly Centre to take occupation on 1 June 2015, allowing time for painting and preparation. “We would like the official opening on the 20th of July, which is the first day of the third school term. It is also the birthday of Samuel James Kastner, in whose honour this centre will be opened,” says Jami Kastner.

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Stoep Talk April

Stoep Talk

If you are looking for a holiday destination or weekend getaway that is eco-friendly, then Stanford is the perfect choice. Stanford folk are passionate about nature and its conservation. To ensure that visitors and locals alike can enjoy our pristine surroundings, many Stanfordians work tirelessly on conservation projects – like alien clearing, tree planting, reed and river maintenance, and frog monitoring – as well as through the promotion and conservation of indigenous plants and animals.
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Stoep Talk March

Stoep Talk

Autumn has arrived, and Stanford is at its most beautiful.  The leaves have changed from green to a dramatic display of yellow, orange and reds, and the wine farmers have harvested their grapes that will surely end up as delicious and award-winning wines. Now it’s time to take a little breather before the next phase of nature’s cycle starts.
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Cat Sanctuary to open on Easter Weekend in Stanford!

Extra, extra, read all about it – we’ve just received an update from Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary who are thrilled to announce that they will be opening their doors for Easter Weekend! This is Big (Cat) News for Stanford so join us in welcoming and supporting our new neighbours!

Panthera Africa is a big cat sanctuary for any captive bred lions, leopards and tigers in need of rescue. Animal welfare is our top priority. The big cats will be protected and prosper for the rest of their lives at Panthera Africa!

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