Local Brew Hero Part 1- Cath Croxton

No more beer anymore!

Bottles ready and waitingThe worst thing for me about discovering I have celiac disease is I can no longer drink beer. In my past I liked nothing better than savour the delights of downing a luke-warm soapy pint of old English ale, or chewing my way through a healthy Guinness. A freezing cold European pilsner was also great.

But now those days are over, Or so I thought.

But then I remembered I could brew my own beer if necessary. I searched South Africa for a beer kit to no avail (the homebrew market here has not woken up to the gluten free world). But Europe has so I then bought one in the UK and brought it here.

My poor husband was then tasked with drinking a lot of grolsch beer so I had reusable bottles to use.

3 weeks later I have 42 bottles of what I hope will be drinkable beer. And 2 more kits are on their way from the UK. Watch this space…as i share my first adventures of ‘gluten free beer making’

Bottles ready and waiting
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